Welcome to the VISEO Bot Maker experience

The VISEO Bot Maker is a free OpenSource project provided "AS IS" to help building conversational assistant with Node-RED. The latest version of the project displays a warning asking for an API key. This key IS NOT a requirement - all nodes fullly work without it - and is completly FREE.

By configuring this key in your VISEO Bot Maker instance, you accept to let us collect anonymous daily metrics and analytics in order to better understand how people are using most relevant nodes of the framework and prioritize our efforts. For example, here are the metrics collected by the send-card node, the Google Dialogflow NLP node, or the Microsoft Bot Framework connector:

  • The node type
  • The global start timestamp
  • The global end timestamp
  • The number of occurrences of this node type
  • The total number of calls (input event)

We do not collect any personal information: the key you are going to generate is the only connection between you and us.